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Direct From Aussie Farmers

Raw Honey 1kg Glass Jar

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Natural Raw Honey straight from the Hives. Our 1kg honey is a beautiful single origin Red Gum Honey and is 100% unprocessed.

Fresco is consistently working on reducing plastic and have now opted for Glass Jars.
Direct From Aussie Farmers

Free Range Eggs 700g

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Free Range Eggs which meet the Choice Modal Code.

A maximum of 1500 hens per hectare on an outdoor range.

Happy Hens
Healthy Eggs
Direct From Aussie Farmers

Crema Gourmet Coffee Beans 1kg

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Crema Gourmet Coffee Beans are a West Australian owned and operated family business.

Our goal is to source the finest selection of quality Arabica Beans.

Crema Classic Beans - A blend of 7 different Arabica beans darker roasted to bring you an extremely smooth and rich flavoured coffee with strong aromatics. An outstanding espresso coffee.

Carefully roasting and blending them together to bring you the ultimate cup.
Direct From Aussie Farmers

Fresh Herb Mix

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Fresh Herb Packs direct from Wannaroo & Baldivis Farms.

This weeks herbs are;

~ Mint~Coriander ~Parsley ~ Chives~ Basil

( Approx. 400g )

Herbs may change depending on availability.
Direct From Aussie Farmers

That Cold Stuff 500ml

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WA's newest 100% Cold brewed concentrate liquid Coffee. Slow 24 hour brewing process and made in WA.

Healthier and tastier coffee which is 62% less acidic than hot-brewed coffee. The cold water retains the mellow tones while avoiding the bitterness, there is no chemical impact to the cold brew coffee making it naturally sweeter.

Once opened your cold brew coffee stays fresh for up to 2 weeks in the fridge. Each pouch contains a minimum of 10 cups of coffee.

Enjoy "that cold stuff" hot, cold, iced or in a shake!
Direct From Aussie Farmers

Fresh Turmeric Root 1kg

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Local Turmeric Root. Fresh from the farm.

1kg Bag
Direct From Aussie Farmers

Creamed Honey

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Local creamed Honey 400g tub direct from the Beekeeper.

Creamy honey allows you enjoy the benefits of honey straight from the hive, which contains over 140 compounds, including vitamins, minerals, essential oils, proteins and antioxidants.

Keep in refrigerator
Direct From Aussie Farmers

WA Garlic Bulbs

WA garlic bulbs now in season.
(approx. 300/350g)
Direct From Aussie Farmers

Chestnuts 1kg

Chestnuts have been grown in Australia for over 100 years. Chestnuts have a sweet and nutty flavour and the texture of chestnuts is like a firm baked potato, quite unlike other nuts which are crunchy.

They need cold winter temperatures and warm to hot summers. They are a unique fresh product more like a fruit than a nut.
Direct From Aussie Farmers

Local Ginger

Local Ginger has come into season. Fresh from the farm to your door.

200g approx.
Direct From Aussie Farmers

Olive Oil Farm Direct 1L

The olives are handpicked in June each year from trees planted in 2008 at
Laterite Ridge, only natural fertilizers are used and no chemical herbicide
or pesticides sprays are used. Sheep, cattle and chickens are used to
control weeds and fertilize the trees.

After an initial establishment period the olives are no longer irrigated which produces a smaller but better quality of oil. After picking the olives are transported only 40 km to the local York Olive Oil mill where the olives are crushed and oil produced.

There are 2800 trees in the groves including Hardy's Mammoth,
Manzanillo, Kalamata, Arbequina, Frantoio, Leccino and Barnea. The oil has
a mild flavour which compliments food rather than being overpowering.